Control & Automation

Automation Projects

We provide the full suite of Project Life-Cycle services for automation projects. We base our approach on the Good Automated Manufacturing Practice (GAMP 5) model so that quality and standards are assured. From user requirements, through functional requirement definition, hardware and software design, coding, testing, installation and commissioning, we deliver fully tested solution.

PLC Replacement

We’re happy to take on the task of systems replacement. Our engineers have the “old system” know how that enables us to reverse engineer old system code to provide you with a definition of what your system does.

Conversion tools can be useful, but they should never be relied upon. Only a thorough assessment of what the system actually does (with a subsequent design document issued) will provide you with the confidence that your replacement system will fulfil all of the functionality of the old one.

User Requirements Specification

The User Requirement Specification should be the most important document for any Automation Project, big or small. This is the User’s chance to specify exactly what he needs both in terms of the functional requirements of the system and exactly how the project should be run by the vendor. With our experience of delivering URSs for high end clients, we have a great deal of knowledge on which to fall back onto.

Control System Audits

Let us take a look at your system and come up with recommendations for you. We’ll look at your system from a number of different angles including your Configuration Management, Alarm Management and Process Improvement. For a limited time, we are offering one day system audits for free.