Process Control Systems

Yes, Process Logic has great Process Engineering expertise and great Control and Automation expertise, but the greatest benefit to our clients is when we bring these two elements together. This we do when delivering Process Control System projects.

PCS project

This diagram shows how a typical small/medium sized project can be run with the client responsibilities (GREEN) being high at the beginning and end of the project while the Process Logic element (BLUE) rises through the Front End Engineering Design / URS phases and reduces as commissioning comes to an end.

For very large projects, the client can use Process Logic to carry out the definition, commissioning and project management tasks on the clients behalf.

PCS large project

This diagram shows how a large project could be run with Process Logic (BLUE) being responsible for the production of User Requirements and taking on Project Management and technical review role during project execution and commissioning. The large System Supplier (such as Emerson, Siemens or Rockwell) is shown in YELLOW.