Process Engineering

Process Improvement

Is your facility running as you want it to? Almost certainly there are areas you want to improve, whether that be cycle time improvements, yield increases, risk reduction measures, emission control or legal compliance.
Process Logic has a great track record of helping clients to improve their processes. We won’t just ask you a load of questions so we can report back to you what you already know. Instead, we will work with you to ensure that together, we focus on the right areas. After all, it’s just as important to deliver the right project as it is to deliver that project well.

Our experience covers everything from front-end feasibility studies to detailed process design, equipment specification, installation and commissioning. So, whatever area you want to improve (no job too big or small), why not give us a call to see how we can help?

Hazard Study Leadership

From small plant changes to larger projects – it’s vital that the risks are assessed properly.

We can help you by providing an experienced, impartial HAZOP Leader to help guide your project teams through the various stages of Hazard Identification and Process Risk Assessment.

We can also help with safety case development or reviews of your existing safety documents such as HAZAN and LOPA studies.

Production Modelling

With capital budgets stretched, companies are rightly demanding cast iron business cases before sanctioning projects.

However, with a complex process, it can sometimes be difficult to know where to target improvements. Our advanced Production Modelling techniques can help you to identify the bottleneck items in your process, and track what difference various changes would make to overall production rates.

Why ask for money on the basis of incomplete data, when we can help you to prove the benefits of your project?