Nick, Control Electrical Engineer (Fine Chemicals, Grangemouth)

I first encountered Danny 15 years ago when he was the “client” on a major PLC/SCADA installation and I was Engineering Manager at a System Integrator. I was impressed then by his attention to detail and work ethic – non- confrontational and supportive with excellent technical understanding.

Working with David and Danny on several projects over the past few years, I’ve found them to be highly focused engineers with a great depth of knowledge, further strengthened by their ability to resolve problems through innovative thinking.

I recently worked with Danny on an S5 replacement project. Obsolete and undocumented, the systems were a nightmare to support. Danny fastidiously reverse engineered the systems and delivered new systems – commissioned quickly and effectively.


John, Senior Controls Engineer (Emerson Process, Aberdeen)

I have known Fiona for over twelve years, having worked with her on several projects for a number of companies. We initially worked together at a small Process Controls company and more recently we got the chance to work together again for one of the major Oil companies based in Aberdeen.

As much for her undoubted technical ability, I have always admired Fiona for her can-do attitude and her pleasant, warm, easy going personality.

I have always found Fiona eager to learn and to share her expertise with other members of the team.  She always contributes to technical meetings, getting her view point across in a coherent and logical way.

Latterly we worked together on a DeltaV Fire & Gas system for several producing oil platforms. Much of the installation/commissioning was done under extremely stressful conditions, while the platforms were in production.  Fiona took it all in her stride.  She was equally comfortable dealing with all levels of platform personnel from the OIM to the commissioning techs.

I have always been impressed by her willingness/ability to get involved in all aspects of system design/implementation, whether it’s producing drawings and documentation, configuring the software or going to site and getting her hands dirty.  Fiona is always willing to get involved and push the project forward.


Paul, Process Control Systems Manager (Syngenta, Grangemouth)

Danny, Fiona and David have provided engineering services to Syngenta Grangemouth, on and off, for over 7 years.  In 2011, Syngenta selected them to form a small on-site team with the task of providing a replacement DCS system for one of our Formulation plants.  Being in Agrochemicals, the project had a commissioning  deadline based on the seasons, so the decision was made to run this particular project with a smaller team over a longer time span (18 months).

While there was inevitably input from Syngenta Engineering, the project design was left to these three with fully documented Detailed Design Specifications accompanying all modules.  These documents are still kept up to date to this day with process improvements being implemented using change control.

The high profile project was delivered on time and within the hours budgeted with an number of process improvements thrown in along the way.  Danny, Fiona and David showed particular dedication during the installation and commissioning phase of the project, working long hours to solve challenging problems and reduce the production downtime to a minimum.